Rabbi Baruch Gore

Rabbi Gore

Rabbi Baruch Gore is a visionary in the area of community eruvin. His on-the-ground (or in-the-bucket) experience with over 11 different community eruvin has inspired him to develop innovative methods for mapping and maintenance. Rabbi Gore has contributed to the development of eruv-related technology, which will streamline the process of eruv checking for communities across the United States.  In addition, Rabbi Gore is passionate about eruv education, believing that education is the key to helping eruvin on a national scale.
To this end, Rabbi Gore co-organized the first-ever City Eruv Conference for Eruv Builders and Eruv Supervisors. This groundbreaking event brought educational opportunities, chizuk and valuable networking opportunities to those individuals who have dedicated themselves to overseeing their communities’ eruvin. Rabbi Gore is fortunate to receive guidance from leading eruv poskim as he works to strengthen community eruvin.
Originally from California, Rabbi Gore is a musmach of Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim of Queens and he has a Masters in Business Administration in Jewish Non-Profit Organizations from Touro University. Rabbi Gore resides in Cherry Hill, NJ with his family.

Rabbi Mordechai Paretzky

Rabbi Mordechai Paretzky has been involved in Eruvin for over 8 years. Rabbi Paretzky is passionate about enhancing Klal Yisrael’s level of shmiras Shabbos through Eruv improvement and education. He has extensive experience designing, building, checking and repairing eruvin. Alongside Rabbi Shlomo Francis, Rabbi Paretzky has examined many existing eruvin across the United States to assess their need for repair, rebuild, rerouting and other concerns.

Rabbi Paretzky has constructed/reconstructed over 25 community eruvin throughout the United States, spanning the Midwest, South, South East, and West. Along with comprehensive eruv construction/repair services, Rabbi Paretzky provides education on eruv upkeep to eruv checkers and community rabbanim.