What is an Eruv

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Eruv Basics

by Rabbi Baruch Gore

An Eruv (pronounced Ay-Roov) is a term used for the physical structure which joins multiple areas to make one large area called a R’shus HaYachid (private domain).   Once a R’shus HaYachid has been created, it is permissible (according to Jewish Law) to carry objects on Shabbat and Yom Kippur within the boundaries of the Eruv. The plural […]

Eruv Terminology

by Rabbi Baruch Gore

Thank you to Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Berman for providing the National Eruv Initiative with Eruvin Terminology.   On the link below you will find a comprehensive list of Eruv terms that one should be familiar with, whether you are involved in the maintenance of an Eruv or learning about the Eruv. The terminology does not have […]

Introduction to R’shus HaRabbim/Public Domain and other domains

by Rabbi Baruch Gore

R’shus HaRabbim is translated as a Public Domain.   A true R’shus HaRabbim cannot be converted into a R’shus HaYachid (Private Domain) with the standard method for erecting an Eruv utilizing a Tzuras HaPesach.   The R’shus HaRabbim will remain forbidden (by Jewish Law) to carry items to and from it, as well as within it (for more than 4 […]

The Curious Case of the Karpef

by Rabbi Baruch Gore

By Rabbi Yehuda Spitz This article was originally published on www.ohr.edu. The title of this article will probably engender much inquisitiveness. What exactly is a karpef? No, it is not a type of French pastry, nor is it referring to the vegetable dipped into saltwater at the Pesach Seder. Rather, it is a term used to refer to […]