City Eruv Conference Video Recordings 2023

16 Items

The following videos are from the first City Eruv Conference.

City Eruv Conference 2023 Promo
Interviews from the City Eruv Conference
Introduction and Donary
Setting Up Eruvin For Success - Rav Shlomo Francis
Eruvin Shiur Kippa (Archway) - Rav Yoel Cohen (Yiddish)
Roundtable Discussion
Looking To The Future - Rav Moshe Elefant
From A Posek - Rav Daniel Stein - R' Moshe Tusk
Eruv Software Session - R’ Ezra Sarna
Creating A Positive Eruv Culture/Wrap Up - R’ Baruch Gore
Rav Herschel Shachter
Materials and Tools - R’ Micah Shotkin
Discussion About Checking - Rav Pinchas Shedrowitzky
Q & A - Rav Yitzchok Isaac Kresch

These presentations are to enhance your understanding to facilitate discussion with your Eruv Posek.