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Bringing Eruvin To Life

6-part series on Techum Shabbos with expert Rabbi Yosef Jacobovits. Tour of a community Eruv with Rabbi Chaim Jachter (14 videos). New book on Eruvin is available here Jewish History of the community Eruv with Dr. Henry Abramson (1 video) Eruv Building with Rabbi Micha Shotkin – (7 videos ) Daf HaChaim Introduction (2 videos) Eruv […]

The Laws of An Eruv

A groundbreaking new sefer! Years of research, hundreds of color, computer-generated 3D images, and a knack for accuracy and clarity have resulted in this first-of-its-kind, authoritative, comprehensive and practical guide which will be an invaluable resource in every beis medrash and every Jewish home. In-depth information for the Torah scholar includes: Hundreds of psakim never […]