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Bringing Eruvin To Life

6-part series on Techum Shabbos with expert Rabbi Yosef Jacobovits. Tour of a community Eruv with Rabbi Chaim Jachter (14 videos). New book on Eruvin is available here Jewish History of the community Eruv with Dr. Henry Abramson (1 video) Eruv Building with Rabbi Micha Shotkin – (7 videos ) Daf HaChaim Introduction (2 videos) Eruv […]

Walking the Line: Hilchot Eruvin from the Sources to the Streets


Learning and mastering Hilchot Eruvin is a daunting challenge. Walking the Line: Hilchot Eruvin from the Sources to the Streets sets forth a practical path to conquer this challenge by bringing Hilchot Eruvin to life. The product of over thirty years of experience helping communities design and maintain their eruvin, Rabbi Chaim Jachter demonstrates how the concepts of Hilchot Eruvin are applied in the field. […]