• You can easily correct mistakes.
  • You can train your checker to make repairs and he can make repairs quickly (immediately after he finds a break).
  • You don’t think twice to make a repair or adjustment because it doesn’t cost you a large amount of money.
  • You can trim trees often.
  • You can check the Eruv on a Friday, without being concerned that you wont be able to fix it.
  • You can make a repair on a Friday without being dependent on someone else’s schedule.
  • After you purchase your truck, the expenses associated with each individual repair will be significantly less than if you hire a professional.  You can pay a person a relatively low hourly rate for his time (since you don’t have to pay for the bucket truck)
  • If you make your own repairs using ladders, you can save a lot of time with a Bucket Truck.
  • You can use the truck to produce other revenue like replacing light bulbs in parking lots, hanging up signs, or renting it out (to other Eruvin!).
  • If your repairman becomes out of commission, you can find a different person without needing to find someone who has his own Bucket Truck.


There are disadvantages to owning your own Bucket Truck- mainly maintenance on your Bucket Truck and finding a place to park your Bucket Truck.  For some communities, renting a truck may be preferred.


 Consider purchasing a bucket truck together with neighboring communities.