I was once involved in building a small local eruv for a small neighborhood in yerushalayim that wanted to invest in a better eruv for themselves. This is because topography of the neighborhood was perfect for an eruv as it already had 90% real walls.
I helped to collect money and i went door to door to collect a nominal amount of money.

This area was mixed among charedim and a few “traditional ” shomerei shabbos who probably had no clue why you would want a better eruv.

I was very scared to approach these families but did so anyway.
On visiting one of these houses I presented my cause: “im collecting for a local eruv to have a more quality eruv”.

I was worried what would be the response.
The man answered me ” AN ERUV……. !  …………. Of course I’d want to donate to an eruv! How much can I give you?”

I was shocked! I asked the man why are you so supportive?

The simple jew answered in simplicity “Im a truck driver, I drive a tall crane. As I drive around Im always bumping into eruv wires and they tear!
Sometimes I stop and try to fix them but it doesnt always work…..
So thats why i think its a good idea to build a local eruv.”