The Eruv on the West Side of Cherry Hill, NJ has been in place for over 40 years. It was built through the efforts and dedication of numerous volunteers under the guidance of Rabbi Bernard Rothman.
Many things must be considered when building an Eruv. What are the boundaries? In addition to the utility poles, can we use some natural barriers? What about using a highway fence as a boundary? How can we maximize the number of people in the Eruv to prevent Chilul Shabbat?
Once all this was decided and the Eruv constructed, our team felt it was extremely important to have a Posek on Eruvim come to review our Eruv before our dedication. Rabbi Shimon Eider, an author of a book on Eruvim, met with Rabbi Rothman.

Rabbi Eider requested that we engage someone with a convertible to drive them while they (Rabbi Eider and Rabbi Rothman) would check all the poles and boundaries of our Eruv.
At one point, Rabbi Eider asked the driver to stop in front of an office complex. There was a scenic pond with a fountain spewing water into the air. Rabbi Eider, unexpectedly, got out of the car and walked around the pond counting his steps. He wanted to ensure that the pond was less than 5000 square Emos- which could pasil (negate) the Eruv.
Thankfully for us everything was fine and we have been able to maintain the West Side Cherry Hill Eruv.