R’shus HaRabbim is translated as a Public Domain.   A true R’shus HaRabbim cannot be converted into a R’shus HaYachid (Private Domain) with the standard method for erecting an Eruv utilizing a Tzuras HaPesach.   The R’shus HaRabbim will remain forbidden (by Jewish Law) to carry items to and from it, as well as within it (for more than 4 Amos).

Hence, defining what is and is not a R’shus HaRabbim is crucial to the existence of an Eruv.  This discussion is complex.   We thank Rabbi Shlomo Francis and Rabbi Yonason Glenner for graciously contributing a section from their new book titled “The Laws on an Eruv” to the National Eruv Initiative. Click Here to see the book.

Please follow the link below to learn about R’shus HaRabbim and the other different types of domains.   The section about R’shus HaRabbim starts on page 10 of this PDF.

R’shus HaRabbim and Domains