Here you will find ideas how anyone can get involved to help their local Eruv. Most Eruv leadership appreciate assistance from their community.

Contact your local Eruv Leadership:

  • Volunteer to check Regularly (weekly)
  • Volunteer to check Irregularly (Some Eruvin do thorough checks every 6 months)
  • Become a Backup checker
  • Offer to help make repairs
  • Become a backup to help repair the eruv
  • Organize and Run a Fundraiser (or help with existing fundraisers)
  • Offer to supervise an eruv checker
    • Must be qualified
  • Sponsor Upgrades of the Eruv
  • Offer to help with a Website
  • Offer to take pictures for a website
  • Organize a Shiur related to the eruv
  • Offer to Learn Eruv Halachos with someone
    • Potentially with people who check the eruv
  • Organize a Tour of the Eruv
    • Great for adults, families, or students