One of the Eruv team members spotted on a Thursday a tunnel for a stream that went under the eruv border. This eruv strived to have a top-notch eruv and this newly found tunnel may have been a problem according to many opinions. Late on that Thursday night our experienced checker and myself, the eruv repairman went to explore the tunnel to see if any change were necessary.  After measuring the tunnel, which was near residential houses, we realized that this tunnel is complicated. However, there was a possibility that we did not need to add poles and strings for the tunnel, which would have been difficult to do close to midnight.  After much discussion of the different issues and bouncing ideas off each other, we determined that we can avoid many of the issues by simply digging out the rocks of the stream that were close to the tunnel walls.
This story shows the dedication of the eruv team and the benefit of multiple people working together on the eruv.