February  2017 – I will never forget. It was the Shabbos of my son’s bar mitzvah and that Friday there was a snow storm. I wanted the bar mitzvah weekend to go smoothly. We did all the preparations for the Bar Mitzvah and for all the family that were coming for Shabbos. My brother sent me a text that the eruv was down. I cried thinking that the weekend would be ruined. My husband called the Rav of our shul and he told us not to worry. He assured us that he was taking care of it, even though it was immediately following a sizeable snow storm. I thought I had thought of everything that could go wrong but I hadn’t thought of that! Baruch Hashem, the eruv was up for Shabbos and the bar mitzvah weekend went well! I now have a deeper appreciation for our Rav and for the people who take care of the eruv.